What resources do SLTs name as their favourites?

Date: 20th October 2014

Posted on: 20-10-2014

 This week we posted the question on Twitter account asking therapists around the world to tell us what their favourite therapy resources were. What did they say? 

  • Affiliate Membership at ASHA
  • http://www.speech-language-therapy.com/ Caroline Bowen’s website has provided information and resources to consumers, Speech-Language Pathologists / Speech and Language Therapists and students worldwide for many years now. The content reflects the professional, clinical, teaching and research activities of Caroline who has special interests in children’s speech sound disorders and the role of families in intervention.
  • #WeSpeeches account at Twitter  – a curated discussion on all things SLT
  • Custom Boards – a great app for tailor making resources. Custom Boards is an  app designed to serve as a board and activity creator for speech therapists, teachers, special education and parents of children who need symbols to communicate and learn. Custom Boards includes over 11 thousand built in symbols from the Smarty Symbols library and the ability to add your own photos.
  • Pass the pigs – A fun game which involves one player throwing two pigs, each of which has a dot on one side only. The player will have points either given or taken away, based on the way the pigs land (see below). Each turn lasts until the player throwing either rolls the pigs in a way that wipes out their current turn score or decides to stop their turn, add their turn score to their total score and pass the pigs to the next player. 
  • ELC Crazy Castle –this game is recommended for the age 3-8. You set a timer and stack the tower and knight before the cannonball knocks it over.
  • Bubbles – needs no further explanation!
  • Pop up pirate – a classic game of nerve and chance. You need to press the pirate down and he locks into the barrel in such a way that he will be popped up randomly when a sword is pushed in, and nobody knows which sword will be the one. Players select a set of swords in their favourite colour and take it in turns to choose a slot, hoping that they won’t be the one to make the pirate pop up. Once the pirate has been popped, the remaining players take out their swords and start to play again until only the winner is left.
  • Lessonpix Software – an easy-to-use online resource that allows users to create various customized learning materials.
  • Laptop/MacBook Pro
  • iPad

You can also access the Speech Mag collection of “My Top Resources”

Thank you to the contributors to this discussion. You can follow them on twitter too, here are their handles:




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