Our aims & values

Our proposition:

The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP)
provides information and a contact point for members of the public searching for a private
speech and language therapist.

For its members, ASLTIP provides support and information on working as an Independent
SLT in the United Kingdom.

Our aims:

To promote and represent Independent Speech and Language Therapists at a national level
through marketing, networking, and supporting members, and facilitating stakeholders in
accessing a gold standard independent speech and language therapy.

Our values

Ambition – to promote high standards for independent speech and language therapy and to
participate actively in development. We want to create links in the communities in which
our members work.

Imagination – to transform the perception of speech and language therapists working
independently by harnessing and integrating the skills of our members.

Member first – to deliver reliable, right first time, accessible, transparent and beneficial
services across our membership. We maintain a member – centric approach.

Empowerment – to make all stakeholders feel empowered, enthusiastic and passionate
about the services we deliver, to devolve responsibility to where it make the most impact.


Interested in becoming a member?

ASLTIP’s membership has been growing rapidly since 1989. We are a support organisation run by our members. The executive board is always grateful for new members and new ideas.

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