Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Transparent Face Mask

Date: 12th August 2021

Five Reasons to Wear a Transparent Face Mask

Mask wearing has become the norm over the past year and a half, though for some it has been unsettling, frightening and has caused immense isolation. For the 12 million people across the UK who are deaf or hard of hearing and the millions more who have speech and language needs, opaque face masks have been obstructed their means of communication.

Lipreading and understanding facial expressions is vital for effective communication. Research has discovered that visual cues make up for 55% of communication compared to 38% vocal and 7% verbal; this highlights the importance of full facial visibility.

Below you will see our top five reasons why you should opt for a transparent face mask over a regular face mask.


1.Ability to lipread

Transparent face masks enable visibility of the full face to ensure the ability to lipread. Perfect for interpreters, speech and language therapists, teachers and more, see-through face masks enable visual cues to be understood including how the face moves with the pronunciation of words.


2.Enhanced comfort (and the ability to wear glasses!)

Most clear face masks, including the Helloface mask, have adjustable straps and different size options that accommodate the comfortable fit of hearing aids, cochlear implants and glasses (healthcare workers will also benefit from the Helloface mask as it allows the fit of surgical loupes!). Adaptable for different head shapes and sizes, the design of transparent face masks allows them to sit further away from the skin, enabling easy breathability and less irritation; not to mention, this also means glasses do not fog up!


3.Avoid miscommunication errors

By enabling seamless communication between users of transparent face coverings, the possibility of potentially disastrous miscommunication errors is diminished. See-through makes enable the ability to read lips and understand facial cues, giving large clues to how an individual is feeling. Opting for a clear face mask makes expressions easy to convey and subsequently easy to understand.


4. Improved accessibility

Since the introduction of face masks, some groups in society have felt excluded. Transparent face masks increase accessibility in workplaces and in the public as communication remains as seamless as without wearing a face mask, with the bonus of added protection and safety. For companies that are wanting to make positive changes towards inclusivity, the adoption of transparent face masks is a brilliant place to start.


5.Increases awareness

An often-overlooked issue, wearing a fabric face covering not only limits means of communication, but can result in feelings of isolation and anxiety for many people. By wearing a transparent face covering, you are not only increasing accessibility for yourself and those around you, but it also raises awareness for this ongoing matter.



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