‘Too often speech and language provision stops when we get to a place called “OK”’

Date: 12th April 2016

Posted on: 12-04-2016

‘Too often speech and language provision stops when we get to a place called “OK”’

One primary school head argues that it’s time for a speech and language revolution in order to tackle the ‘limited and unsatisfactory’ options available.

When asked about provision for speech and language therapy in schools, Jeremy Thompson can’t help but think of children like Sam. Sam is a student at Jeremy’s primary school in South Wales who has been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. Social communication is difficult for him, but because they simply don’t have the funds to support Sam properly, he is effectively denied access to the provision he needs.

It is cases like Sam’s that have inspired Jeremy to start a grassroots movement to get every school to consider employing their own speech and language therapist.

Read the whole story from Jeremy’s own point of view here.

What are your thoughts on the limitations and lack of resources that speech and language therapy faces? Do you have any first had experience dealings with this topic? We’d love to hear from you on our member’s forum. If you’re happy to have your comments and experiences added to this blog post, just let us know in your post.





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