Television programmes promoting disability awareness

Date: 13th February 2015

Posted on: 13-02-2015

There seems to be a recent trend of children’s television programmes which promote awareness of people with disabilities in ways that are positive and delivered to children in a fun and accessible way. Here are just a few:

Something Special is on CBeebies where Mr Tumble (Justin Fletcher) uses Makator signs and symbols. Makaton is an adaptable and easy to learn system of signs and symbols that help facilitate communication. In particular, Something Special and Makaton help those with a range of disabilities including speech and language difficulties. Something Special shows numerous clips of Mr Tumble taking children with disabilities on special adventures helping them participate in conversation and activities with Makaton signs and symbols.



 Another show that promotes using sign to help communication is Magic Hands. Magic Hands has a variety of presenters using British Sign Language (BSL) and spoken word to communicate poems with the viewer. The programme is primarily for children who are deaf or hearing impaired, allowing them to enjoy programming everyone can enjoy while feeling included. 



 Finally, the  newly released CBBC programme for older children, My Life: Mr Alzheimers and Me explores the feelings and emotions of three children dealing with their respective grandparent’s Alzheimers. Despite being a daunting issue to face, the show deals with it in a positive and truthful way.  My Life: Mr Alzheimers and Me educates children on how to cope with real life problems and gives a positive spin to living with Alzheimers.


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