Social Communication Intervention Project

Date: 13th July 2014

Posted on: 13-07-2014

We are very excited to have Dr Catherine Adams presenting at this year’s ASLTIP conference in March. Dr Adams , a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Manchester University, is presenting her work on The Social Communication Intervention Project. Dr Adams and her collaborators also recently were runners up in the 2012 International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders best article award.


More about the Social Communication Intervention Project Children who have pragmatic language impairments (PLI) have difficulty with language comprehension, telling stories and participating in conversations. This can lead to further problems with integrating into the peer group and in keeping up in the classroom. These children typically receive help from a speech and language therapist (SLT) whose role it is to work with the teaching staff and sometimes directly with the child. However, research has not established the most effective method of SLT intervention for these children despite a great demand for this knowledge. The Social Communication Intervention Project (SCIP) is an intervention programme which has been developed by the Manchester team. Using a number of different measures of language and social functioning we hope to gain evidence for the effectiveness of SLT intervention for these children and obtain a better understanding of the factors within the child which predict success. In addition the team have determined what the children, their parents and teachers value about the intervention.


The SCIP manual contains over 300 individual activities each with aims, success criteria and potential resources. It contains a procedure for intervention decision making and allows for individualised treatment planning. The observation checklist used in the SCIP project to profile conversation skills is available to download here. The TOPICC assessment was reported in the Spring 2011 edition of Speech and Language Therapy in Practice.http://www.psych-sci.manchester.ac.uk/scip/


The award winning publication has been made freely available online:

Adams, C., Lockton, E., Freed, J., Gaile, J., Earl, G., McBean, K. , Nash, M., Green, J., Vail, A. & Law, J. (2012). The Social Communication Intervention Project: a randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of speech and language therapy for school-age children who have pragmatic and social communication problems with or without autism spectrum disorder. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 47(3), 233-244. eScholarID:129700


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