Singers who stammer

Date: 20th October 2014

Posted on: 20-10-2014

 This week Australian singer Megan Washington spoke about her fluency when singing on national TV following her recent TED talk on the matter. Her TED talk looks at several issues people who stammer may be familiar with including avoidance techniques and how stammering can impact on different aspects of their lives.

Megan Washington is one of many singers who stammer/stutter, including Pop Idol Winner Gareth Gates. Several other singers are reported to have stuttered in childhood including Oasis’s Noel Gallagher and pop star Kylie Minogue.

It is common for people who stammer to be fluent when singing or even acting.

Among ASLTIP’s membership many therapists list working with children and/or adults who stammer (or stutter). Therapy for stammering is a specialist area and members can advise on the evidence based approaches they use including intensive therapy programmes, group based practice and the use of counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy.



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