Professor Jane Riddoch – Speaker at 2014 ASLTIP conference

Date: 15th July 2014

Posted on: 15-07-2014

Jane Riddoch is a Professorial Research Fellow in Experimental Psychology at St Hugh’s College in Oxford. Her research focuses on cognitive neuropsychology; in particular, visual problems such as agnosia, optic aphasia, disorders of attention (such as neglect, extinction, and simultanagnosia), and cognitive disorders of action such as apraxia and action disorganisation syndrome. Problems such as these can be hugely disruptive to everyday life.


She aims to try to understand the underlying mechanisms of these disorders so that rehabilitation can be directed more effectively. Her interests are in neuropsychological screening of cognitive deficits and rehabilitation after brain injury.


Jane has recently been involved in the development of a test battery to screen for cognitive deficits following stroke (BCoS). She is currently preparing the material of a follow-up battery for publication (BCoS2 allows a more detailed assessment of cognitive problems revealed in the BCoS assessment). Jane is involved in the development of a quite screen for cognitive problems which can be used in the initial days following a stoke (BCoS-Lite).


Jane is a past President of the British Neuropsychological Society, treasurer of the Experimental Psychology Society and of the Federation of European Neuropsychological Societies. She is an associate editor of Cortex and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. She has published 150 papers in leading international journals and authored/edited 5 books.


Jane will be leading on of the workshops at the 2014 ASLTIP Conference on 8th of March: ‘Screening for cognitive deficits following stroke’. Book in today!


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