Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month

Date: 14th July 2014

Posted on: 14-07-2014

This month, June, is Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month. 5,000 people are living with MND in the UK.


The disease attacks the nerves that control movement; people can still think and feel but their muscles refuse to work, which may result in the person being unable to move, walk, talk and breathe.


Speech and language therapists are a key member of the team working with people with MND. The role of SLTs vary but are often involved in assessment and management of the related speech difficulties and are importantly involved in assessment and management of swallowing difficulties.


In addition, SLTs may provide education and advice on managing communication and swallowing difficulties over time and also work with the client, families and carers to help put into place recommendations or strategies.


One area that SLTs are often involved with is the recommendation of AAC (alternative and augmentative communication aids) and provide assistance with implementing the use of the aids. AAC for people with MND can take the form of pen and paper to write down messages to high tech aids such as apps on iPads or eye gaze computer programmes.


Many of the ASLTIP members who list working with people with progressive neurological disorders are likely to work with people with MND. If you wanted to know more contact the specific therapist to check if he/she has experience in this area.


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