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Date: 16th July 2014

Posted on: 16-07-2014

East Lancashire speech therapist talks about business

Katie Khan is a speech and language therapist based in Lower Darwen. A few years ago she has decided to leave the NHS job and open her own business – The Speech Bubble whose team includes members of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice.


Katie founded The Speech Bubble after becoming frustrated that the provision of therapy to children in schools was frequently inconsistent, and that some children were not receiving the regular speech therapy they needed. “I noticed that my caseload grew larger and larger when I was in the NHS, my time was being spread more and more thinly. In particular, I was frustrated that I was unable to offer children and schools more opportunities for the therapy they required,” said Katie.


Katie and her team work exclusively in schools. Her company now employs five speech and language therapists, which are ASLTIP members. Her business has doubled in size, as language evolves and pressures on local services stretch.


You can also listen to Katie Khan on BBC Radio Lancashire Talking About Stammering:



Prince George may be cute, but is he a genius? Top speech therapist dashes Prince William’s hopes that his son’s first word will be bilby


Nicola Lathey, an ASLTIP member, has written an article for dailymail.co.uk, where she explains how infants develop their speech, and why Prince George’s first word is more likely to be inspired by Lupo than his trip down under…


Nicola said that “research backs up the fact that first words are often the everyday things we refer to, so our babies take on board this constant repetition and eventually begin to say the words themselves.  Professor Leslie Rescorla, Director of the Child Study Institute at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, reported that the most popular 25 words spoken by two-year-olds are: Mummy, Daddy, baby, milk, juice, hello, ball, yes, no, dog, cat, nose, eye, banana, biscuit, car, hot, thank you, bath, shoe, hat, book, all gone, more and bye-bye. “


We can say that all the first words happen accidentally. ‘ A baby might say ‘du du’ in play, but is rewarded with a response along the lines of, ‘Yes, doggie. Big doggie!’ and then he wants to say it again because he enjoyed the reaction he got. ‘


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