Meet the artist who makes art with her eyes

Date: 15th May 2015

Posted on: 15-05-2015

Sarah Ezequiel from Hendon, North West London has been living with Motor Neurone Disease for over 15 years. The Mother of two is now wheelchair bound and relies on eye tracking to create all of her artwork. With Motor Neurone Disease causing her to lose full muscular control Mrs Ezequiel is overjoyed that she can still enjoy her passion. “Assistive technology isn’t only about speaking for me. It enables me to do almost everything that able-bodied people can do. I email, read books, shop online, pay bills, use social media and paint,” she said. “I also have environmental controls, so I can operate my TV, curtains, page my carer and open my front door.”


Mrs Ezequiel has been using her Tobii software to paint since 2012 and has been featured at Royal Academy Schools in Qatar and London. Mrs Ezequiel added “When MND took the mobility of my hands, I gave up on ever creating anything again. I still can’t believe that I can paint with my eyes – and love it”.


Her Paintings will be on sale at Furniture Village and proceeds will go to Matt Hampson Foundation which helps people who have had debilitating accidents.


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