Lightning Talks

Date: 14th July 2014

Posted on: 14-07-2014

The lightning talks from the ASLTIP conference are now ready. The breadth of topics covers everything from using story with pre-schoolers to reflecting on our therapeutic relationships with our clients; from marketing ourselves to working with transgender clients. The selection of topics in these snapshot videos, highlight the varied experience, clinical skills and expertise of the ASLTIP membership.


Remember each video is only 5 minutes in length, and presenters were set the challenge of having just 20 slides, each automatically transitioning. I’m sure you’ll agree each of our presenters have managed to share their insights on their topic and hopefully you’ll have some time to watch each one. The presenters would certainly welcome hearing from you with any questions their presentations provoked!


1. Heidi De Quincey – Working with transgender clients

2. Hilary Gardner – Interactions as intervention

3. Chris Wade – Colourful Semantics App

4. Libby Hill – Building a communication friendly school

5. Caroline Casula – 50 ways to use a story

6. Geri Wotton – The powerful of the therapeutic relationship

7. Libby Hill – Marketing ourselves

8. Rosemary Wyatt – Managing palate difficulties

9. Jacqui Wright – Sensory processing and sensory circuits for children


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