Leaning Disabilities Week 19 – 25 August

Date: 14th July 2014

Posted on: 14-07-2014

This week (19 – 25 August) is Learning Disabilities Week. Someone with a learning disability may have a reduced intellectual capability or struggle with completing everyday tasks. Severity of the disability can range from mild to profound and care or therapy will be dependent on that scale.


A learning disability occurs wither before, during or after birth whilst the brain is still developing. It can be difficult to diagnose a learning disability, though usually it will be diagnosed at birth, for example a child with Downs Syndrome, or be noticed in the early years of childhood when their development may be different to other children. Sometimes it may take many years for a diagnosis and through all of this; it is very hard to say why someone has a learning disability.


This year Mencap is showcasing Learning Disabilities Week by celebrating the Superheros of the families. They believe that everyday people can be superheros to and are gathering stories on what superhero powers are out there. Read the stories that have already come through here. If you would like to add a story of your own; write a story, post a photo to Twitter or Facbook using the hashtag #LDWeek13.


For someone with a learning disability, a speech and language therapists may play an important part and here at ASLTIP, we have a number of members who specialise in Learning Disabilities. Click the following link to browse through our directory of members who list learning disabilities as a specialisation: http://www.helpwithtalking.com/directory/specialty/10


You may want to find out more about Mencap and what they do for learning disabilities; visit their website for more information.


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