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Date: 14th July 2014

Posted on: 14-07-2014

This month there were a number of instances when stammering hit the headlines. Let’s take a look at some of the issues raised and also the role of speech and language therapists in working with clients who have a stammer.


In early May, there was coverage of research by the British Stammering Association which suggested two thirds of employees with a stammer hold back on sharing ideas in the workplace, and that half of them had not gone for a promotion because of their condition. This was linked in with news of the Employers Stammering network set up by Iain Wilkie, who is a senior partner at Ernst & Young. He was interviewed by BBC Radio 5 talking about how he had previously hidden his stammer at work, saying “There is a perception out there that people who stammer are somehow…not as capable”.


Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls also spoke this month about why he decided to talk about his stammer. He was attending the launch of a book co-authored by ASLTIP member Sam Simpson along with fellow speech and language therapists Carolyn Cheasman, Rachel Everard. The book entitled Stammering Therapy From The Inside was launched at City Lit in May, followed by a reception at the House of Commons. The book includes a chapter contributed to by Ed Balls.


Michael Palin reflected on his achievements upon being awarded a Bafta fellowship this month, including the co-founding of the Michael Palin Centre.


In the US, where stammering is referred to as stuttering, the Stuttering Foundation recognised media outlets who had covered stories related to stuttering during the past year. This covered an article for police officers aiming to increase awareness on how to communicate with people who stutter and coverage of an American Idol contestant who stuttered.


Many ASLTIP speech and language therapists have experience in working with people who stammer. Therapists work with people of all ages who stammer, in 1:1 sessions, intensive blocks of therapy, group based work and looking at longer term support and goals.


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