Have you heard about SpeechBITE?

Date: 14th July 2014

Posted on: 14-07-2014

SpeechBITE™ is a database that provides open access to a catalogue of Best Interventions and Treatment Efficacy across the scope of Speech Pathology practice. This is an evidence based practice initiative between The University of Sydney and Speech Pathology Australia.


It can be found at http://speechbite.com.au/


You can gain ready access to citations and abstracts of interest to Speech Pathologists/Speech and Language Therapists. Studies on this database include Systematic Reviews, Randomised Controlled Trials, Non-Randomised Controlled Trials, Case Series, and Single Case Experimental Design


Methodological ratings are included to allow you to discern the scientific quality of each research study. This will help you to find the best evidence to support your clinical decision making.


SpeechBITE™ is modelled upon the highly successful PsycBITE™, which in turn, was based in part upon PEDro, an evidence based practice database for physiotherapists. PsycBITE™ is a freely available established database of psychologically based therapies for acquired brain injury rehabilitation which was launched in July 2004. The database includes all published reports that provide empirical data regarding the effectiveness of one or more interventions.


While PsycBITE™ lists treatment studies which address communication problems arising from acquired brain impairment, it became apparent that this type of resource would be useful if extended to the full scope of Speech Pathology Practice. In 2006, Professor Leanne Togher successfully approached Speech Pathology Australia to help fund a new database for speech pathologists called speechBITE™.


SpeechBITE™ does not provide a direct link to full journal papers. You need to note the papers that you wish to read and then either visit your local academic library and find the appropriate journal or access the on-line journal via your academic library website.


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