Happy World Comic Book Day!

Date: 25th September 2015

Posted on: 25-09-2015

 Happy World Comic Book Day!

Today, Friday the 25th September 2015, is World Comic Book Day. Comic books are everywhere and inspire a lot of popular culture, from art to television to film. Although comic books have some origins in 1700s Japan and 1830s Europe, they were first truly popularised in the United States during the 1930s. Adoration towards comic books from the world’s general populous has truly done nothing but increase throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Comics now span a vast range of genres, including comedy, action, drama and even education.

Whilst it might not be your initial thought when it comes to comic books, they undoubtedly have huge potential regarding helping children and people who suffer from learning difficulties to read. They are a natural progression from the classic ‘picture book’, and you’ll find that comic books have appeal to a large range of reading abilities – illustrations, plots and narratives can be chosen according to level of detail and complexity so as to suit the reader.

For so many young readers and readers with disadvantages, having such fantastic visuals to coincide with the written aspect of a story can be such a useful tool. It allows them to better follow the plot and thus become more immersed in what they’re reading as they struggle less with comprehending the text in front of them thanks to the visual aid.
Meryl Jaffe, PhD., has written a fantastic piece about the benefits that graphic novels and comic books can have towards a person’s reading, be it a young reader or someone with learning difficulties. It’s even been created in the form of a short comic book: http://bit.ly/1lE9YDW


Here’s a list of 10 Great Kids Comic Books – a really great start for any young readers interested in introducing graphic novels and comics to their book shelf: http://bit.ly/1DjJNpc


For those readers who are perhaps interested in graphic novels and comic books, but have more of an advanced reading ability, Marvel Comics released a series of comics of Homer’s Iliad (amongst restylings of other classic literature too) – take a look at the series and read some samples here: http://bit.ly/1jewGDS


It’s available for purchase on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1LQb8UV


Happy reading!




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