Google’s Latest Accessibility Feature Is So Good, Everyone Will Use It

Date: 24th May 2016

Posted on: 24-05-2016


Perhaps you have an Android device and are already familiar with the useful voice activated Google Assistant, by which you simply say “OK Google” aloud and then the action you want the device to complete (for example, opening text messages).

Though it was developed for users with severe motor impairment, thanks to recent developments and updates, Google Voice Access could revolutionize how anyone uses their phone.

Announced this week at I/O 2016 as something that will ship with Android N, Voice Access is a way for people with severe motor impairment to control every aspect of their phones using their voices. But once you see it in action, the broader impact of Voice Access is immediately obvious.

For the 20% of Americans who have severe to moderate motor impairment, including Parkinson’s, essential tremor, arthritis, and more, the benefits of Voice Access have a huge potential to increase independence and communication ability. These users can finally have high-level control of their Android devices without ever needing to use their hands.

We can’t wait for the new update to try this out for ourselves! What are your thoughts? Will Google’s new Voice Access feature be of help in any way to you or anyone you know?
Find out more by visiting a full exploration of the tool and its possible uses here.







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