Christina Shewell – Keynote Speaker at ASLTIP conference 2014

Date: 15th July 2014

Posted on: 15-07-2014

ASLTIP and AGM Conference is closer and closer. We will have many exiting workshops and presentations on 8th of March.


One of our Keynote Speakers is Christina Shewell, MA, FRCSLT, ADVS. Christina has worked for many years as speech and language therapist, qualified voice teacher and communications skills coach in the business world. Christina’s interest in the skills and problems of communication is grounded in a lifelong love of poetry and theatre, her long exploration of clinical speech therapy and pathology, linguistics and neuroscience, alongside her experiences in bodywork, meditation and psychotherapy.


In the 1970s she worked mainly with those who have lost language through stroke, disease or brain injury, developing knowledge about the way brain and body work. At the same time her lectureship in linguistics, personal Jungian psychotherapy and counselling training gave her an acute interest in the power of words and voice to camouflage or release feeling, or affect others.


A parallel move into voice development and theatre work in the 1980s, and experience of the Alexander technique, Roy Hart Theatre work and Marion Woodman’s body-psyche ideas brought further appreciation of the body and its connection to voice. Since then, those aspects have been integrated into her work with people – in the business world, theatre, further education and clinical settings.


Current teaching, conference talks and practical workshops include ideas from her long experience of voice work, with insights from the fields of mindfulness, emotional therapy, neuroscience, poetry and active imagination. These are described in her book,Voice Work: Art and Science in Changing Voices (2009), addresses voice work along the continuum of normal-abnormal voice, in singing, spoken voice coaching and voice pathology, and has received unanimously good reviews from all these professions.


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