Born Naughty?

Date: 5th June 2015

Posted on: 05-06-2015

Born Naughty? is a TV show where the experts help children with behavioural problems, and their long-suffering parents. The programme – hosted by Dr Dawn Harper, one of the resident experts on Embarrassing Bodies – follows eight children exhibiting extreme behaviour and attempt to establish their causes and how to cope with them. The first episode had 4.2 million viewers. It is now the most watched programme on 4 on Demand in the last year.
Libby Hill, an ASLTIP member and the owner of Small Talk Speech and Language therapy who is based in Uttoxeter, is one of the experts working with challenging children in a Channel Four show. Ms Hill is the series consultant working alongside other professionals, including Dr Dawn Harper and Ravi Jayaram, consultant paediatrician.
Libby set up Small Talk Speech and Language Therapy in 2007 and it has grown to include speech and language therapists, SLT assistants, early years practitioners and counsellors with access to Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology. She set up Smart Talkers Pre-School communication groups in 2009 which are franchised in the UK and abroad. In 2011 she created S & L World, the global bulletin for Speech and language professionals, which she continues to edit. Her latest projects include a website to provide speech therapy materials and being consultant to ‘Born naughty?’.
Here you can find thlink to her blog where Libby writes about her experience in Born Naughty.

To watch episodes on Channel 4 please click here. 


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