Benefits of Honing Children’s Literacy Skills

Date: 24th June 2022

Written by Chatty Garrate

From an early age, kids are taught how to read, write, and communicate. They first learn how to dictate syllables and pronounce simple words. Then, they move on to forming simple sentences and using these sentences to communicate with others. Once they start school, kids learn how to read and write, as well as comprehend what they are reading.

In all these stages of learning, literacy skills are developed and enhanced. Developing literacy skills is not only about helping kids learn how to read and write. It is also about teaching kids a means to express themselves and connect with the people around them. 

Essential Literacy Skills

Literacy skills include vocabulary, spelling, print awareness, reading comprehension, and sound awareness. All these skills help kids understand and take part in the society they are living in.

  1. Vocabulary refers to all the words of a language. Kids can improve their vocabulary through reading. Books help a child learn new words and associate these words with their meaning. This is one of the reasons why parents are encouraged to read bedtime stories to their kids.
  2. Spelling is an important skill that a child must have. To be able to read and write, they need to know the different letters and how to arrange them to form a word. Kids usually start by spelling their names as well as places and things that they are familiar with.
  3. Print awareness refers to how children are made aware of books and other printed materials that have words, such as billboards or street signs. With enhanced print awareness, children can build their curiosity about books. This will encourage them to read more books which will also enhance their vocabulary.
  4. Reading comprehension is how children understand what they are reading. This skill will help children grasp concepts and references that are present in the text. They learn how to identify patterns and draw inferences from what they are reading.
  5. Sound awareness refers to how a certain word will sound. This is one of the first skills developed as children try to imitate the words of the people around them. A good approach to enhance this skill is to emphasise how each letter and syllable sounds. This skill will help them read words that they are unfamiliar with because they know the individual sounds of the letters and syllables that make up the word.
  6. Literacy skills are needed to help a child progress through learning. Without developing these skills, kids may fall behind in their classes, causing them to become demotivated in a learning environment. 

Here are four benefits of honing your kid’s literacy skills from an early age.

1. Stimulates the Brain

Literacy skills will encourage kids to become avid readers. Reading helps stimulate the brain. When reading, kids will use their focus and comprehension to understand the text. It is a good exercise for the brain because kids’ imaginations will also be stimulated. Reading can also help kids relax and reduce stress levels that may be heightened while watching television shows such as cartoons. Aside from reading, literacy skills can help kids improve their memory as they discover new concepts and ideas.

2. Improves Communication Skills

Literacy skills can give kids the confidence to strike up conversations and exchange ideas with their peers. These skills can encourage kids to open their minds to new learnings about the world outside of their immediate circle. Even kids who struggle to keep up in class can improve their communication with the help of literacy skills. 

3. Develops Critical Thinking

Reading comprehension helps develop critical thinking skills that are essential in the world today. As kids develop their comprehension, they can identify patterns and relationships that they read in the text. This skill will contribute to developing a critical mind based on logic and reason. Critical thinking is a sought-after skill in any industry today. Developing it at an early age will help kids adapt to any environment and excel in the workplace in the future.

4. Encourages Life-long Learning

Literacy skills encourage life-long learning. As kids get better at reading and writing, they also develop the ability to analyse the things they see and read. Literacy skills can sustain kids’ curiosity and interest in anything and everything. This is a good motivation to never stop learning more about the world, even as kids grow older and wiser through time.


Literacy skills are essential in any person’s development. Kids who participate in activities that will help them improve these skills can become good communicators and critical thinkers. Aside from these four benefits, sharpening literacy skills can help improve a kid’s physical and mental health. With the help of literacy skills, kids will become more confident and better equipped to overcome any challenges they encounter at home, in school, and as adults later in their lives.


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