BAS Conference

Date: 20th October 2014

Posted on: 20-10-2014

 September 4-5 ASLTIP member Caroline Law attended the BAS Therapy Symposium at Birmingham University to review her experience.


It was a pleasant surprise to win a place at the British Aphasiology Society (BAS) symposium. It was the first time I had attended this friendly event. The symposium lived up to its focus this year of ‘Creative Service in Challenging Times’. There were presentations, mainly by clinicians working in the field, reporting on therapy strategies and workplace innovations being developed and implemented. I enjoyed learning about the challenges my colleagues were experiencing and the way they were using their knowledge, skills and ideas to tackle these challenges and further our profession in the process. There were individual case studies as well as pilot studies and early stage research which have the promise of leading onto larger projects in the future. The symposium provided a supportive environment to present work covering topics in administration, therapy, IT solutions and NHS therapists working with independent therapists, as just a taster.

So thank you ASLTIP for allowing me to be part of this event and I would highly recommend it to any clinician interested in aphasia.



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