ASLTIP therapists winning awards

Date: 5th November 2015

Posted on: 05-11-2015

 Two therapists who are members of ASLTIP recently won awards. Not only does it shine a light on the work of the individual and their practice, but highlights the work of independent SLTs and ASLTIP.

This week, Lucy Lowson, ASLTIP member and Local Group’s Co-ordinator was crowned a winner of the GHP Awards. As the award organiser explains, “from product development experts to physiotherapists, researchers to surgeons, and, of course, the millions of behind the scenes support service personnel, marketing specialists and corporate decision makers, the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries at all levels are littered with amazing stories and even more amazing people whose work is judged, not by the amount of money made or products sold, but by the lives changed for the better and, in many cases, saved.”

Last month, Libby Hill, and her practice Small Talk Speech and Language Therapy won an award in the 2015 Consultancy Awards ” These aim to highlight and give recognition to those consultants who really deserve it” 

Being shortlisted or winning an award can be a great boost to your practice’s profile. Winning may draw local or national press. Often you are provided with a logo or badge to use on your website to tell website visitors – potential referrers or clients – about your success.

SLTs might want to look for suitable awards for them. These may include awards for:

* local contributions to your community, sometimes run by the local council or newspaper

* local or national business awards recognising success in different sectors

* women in business 

* small business awards

* speech and language therapy specific awards like Giving Voice or Shine A Light

Do take the time to look for awards local or relevant to your specific business. You can usually nominate yourself or ask a colleague or contact to nominate you. 

ASLTIP members can refer to the marketing kit on the website in the members’ sections for more tips and contact marketing@asltip.com for help in finding awards.







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