“A World without Barrier is Our Dream”

Date: 12th March 2015

Posted on: 12-03-2015


A neighbourhood in Istanbul this week has been taught sign language in an attempt to communicate with a hearing impaired man called Muharrem. It was all part of a stunt by Samsung to celebrate the launch of their video call centre for those with hearing problems. The advert titled “Hearing Hands” has tugged at heartstrings globally, becoming a viral sensation with Muharrem’s touching story being watched throughout the world.


The video starts with Muharrem meeting his sister Ozlem, who has helped to set up the elaborate ploy. Muharrem and Ozlem go through the streets of their neighbourhood as Muharrem starts to notice that people have began to communicate with him in sign language such as a shopkeeper, a taxi driver, and numerous strangers Muharrem encounters. Ozlem then points Muharrem to a billboard that is signing to him explaining that the neighbourhood had learnt sign language to communicate with Muharrem in the same way Samsung is now able to communicate with its hearing impaired customers through their video call centre. A shocked Muharrem is emotional and overjoyed when friends from the neighbourhood and the film crew come to talk to him about the process.


The advert shows that global companies are now actively seeking solutions to help those with communication problems. This is also something that is Apple have increased their investiture in with continuing work into accessibility such as the voiceover for those who are visually impaired in addition to iOS scanning helping the physically disabled to access their iPad.

Watch the video here.


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