Sarah Buckley

I’m a speech and language therapist and business person and currently the Chair for ASLTIP. I’ve been a member of ASLTIP for nearly 20 years and in this time have seen the organisation grow, diversify and thrive as a supportive network of professionals. As Chair, I’m proud to represent our members as the voice of independent practice to all of our stakeholders. Alongside my ASLTIP role, I own and run a paediatric practice in London. I’ve grown my business alongside studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in business and I’m a research project away from completing my Masters in Business Administration. As well as running my company, I work with children under 5, which I love, and more recently with older pupils and young adults, which has been a real opportunity to challenge myself with clinical learning and development.


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ASLTIP’s membership has been growing rapidly since 1989. We are a support organisation run by our members. The executive board is always grateful for new members and new ideas.

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