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Ruth Kniveton

Member since: 22/09/2023

Hi I’m Ru. I am the Founder, and Lead Speech and Language Therapist at Hands & Sounds. I have years of experience working with a range of speech, language and communication needs in children aged 18months-19 years. I strongly believe that everyone should have the skills to be able to support their child with their speech, language and communication needs. I strive to empower and equip both supporting adults, and the child, to become confident communicators.

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Contact details: 

Mobile: 07586318433
Email: hands8sounds@gmail.com
Website: www.handsandsound.com

Visit Hands and Sounds on socials for weekly Speech and Language advice.
Instagram: @handsandsounds Facebook: Hands and Sounds SLT

Conditions treated
  • Articulation and phonology
  • Autism spectrum
  • Developmental Language Disorder
  • Down's syndrome
  • Early childhood language development
  • Language disorder
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Play skills
  • Prevention
  • Stammering
  • Training
  • Training for educational settings/schools/SEN staff
Age ranges treated
  • Preschool
  • Primary School
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