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Sarah Leach

Member since: 22/11/2011

Stammering (stuttering) has run in my family for at least 5 generations. I was the lead dysfluency specialist in my NHS post before founding Communication Liberation, an independent practice specialising in one-to-one support for adults who stammer, over 10 years ago. I have also worked as a cover tutor and guest speaker for the speech therapy department at the City Lit, a national centre of excellence for stammering therapy. I am highly specialist in supporting people who have an interiorised/covert/secret stammer. I am also trained as an IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner and am trailblazing the use of this modality within my specialism. My website will be updated at the end of my semi-sabbatical, to reflect the changes to my practice that have come about as a result of my research (www.communicationliberation.co.uk).

Conditions treated
  • Online therapy / Telehealth
  • Stammering
Age ranges treated
  • Adult
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