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Kellyann Lea

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Hi I’m Kellyann,( https://www.kellyannlea.com ) I’ve been a Stroke Specialist Speech and Language Therapist since 2007, completing ten years in the NHS after studying for a BA HONS in Linguistics and later a Masters of Medical Science in Clinical Communication Pathology.  I am a full member of (RCSLT), (HCPC) & (ASLTIP). I offer Specialist assessment and treatment that is bespoke, as no two people have the same difficulties or needs.  Stroke affects the mind, psychology, thinking, problem solving, insight and your relationships in addition to your speaking, reading, writing, understanding and self expression. Treatment at Speech Therapy with Kellyann is holistic; based on the latest evidence based research from multiple streams of scientific research and is provided with a foundation of over fifteen years of clinical practice.  My goal is to help you to achieve YOUR very best possible results; Finding Ability in DisABILITY. email kellyann@kellyannlea.com

Conditions treated
  • AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)
  • Acquired brain injury (including stroke)
  • Adult language (incl aphasia)
  • Adult motor speech disorders
  • Aged care
  • Articulation and phonology
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Cognitive -communication difficulties
  • Communication skills at work
  • Consultancy to services
  • Dementia
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia/Childhood Apraxia of speech
  • Language disorder
  • Mental health
  • Mentoring
  • Motor speech disorders
  • Online therapy / Telehealth
  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Specialist voice issues for singers, actors
  • Stammering
  • Stroke
Age ranges treated
  • Adult
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