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Mrs Sarah Gilks

Mrs Sarah Gilks

Member since: 25/09/2019

With over 20 years working in the NHS, in a variety of settings, I have gained extensive experience working with adults and teenagers who have a range of communication difficulties.   My  two areas of  specialty are working with people with voice disorders and those who have a  stammer; this includes working with both adults and teenagers.  I also have vast experience in working with adults with acquired and progressive neurological conditions, such as following a Stroke. I am trained to deliver the LSVT therapy programme for people presenting with Parkinson’s Disease.

I can offer assessment and treatment in a variety of settings as required, including Teletherapy session s (e.g. zoom, skype) where appropriate.  The therapy offered is evidence based, practical and flexible.

I also offer bespoke training to professional voice users on how to maximise their vocal potential in the work setting.

Please call me for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Conditions treated
  • Adult language (incl aphasia)
  • Adult motor speech disorders
  • Progressive neurological disorder
  • Specialist voice issues for singers, actors
  • Stammering
  • Telehealth/provision of services online
  • Training for educational settings/schools/SEN staff
  • Transgender
  • Voice
Age ranges treated
  • Adult
  • Secondary school and adolescent

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