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Mrs Michaela Emm-Evans

Mrs Michaela Emm-Evans

Member since: 12/07/2006

I have been working with adults with acquired brain injuries such as road traffic accidents, stroke, haemorrhage, encephalitis, brain tumor, hypoxic brain injury and progressive neurological conditions, since 1997.
I am highly experienced in providing assessment, advice and therapy for a range of speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties such as dysphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia, dysphagia, acquired reading and writing difficulties, cognitive-communication disorder and social communication difficulties.
I also have vast experience of working with people with challenging behaviours and mental health difficulties.
As well as completing my initial degree in 1997 I also successfully completed a post graduate diploma in Human Communication at City University London, in 2007.
I work with the person with a communication or swallowing difficulty and also work closely with family members and other professions.
I also provide supervision to other Speech and Language Therapists and provide training to staff / carers providing neurological services.
Please contact me via email or phone to discuss your needs.

Conditions treated
  • Acquired brain injury (including stroke)
Age ranges treated
  • Adult
  • Secondary school and adolescent

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