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Mrs Jessica Cooper

Member since: 01/08/2018

My passion is making Speech and Language Therapy fun and functional by tailoring the sessions to the needs and interests of the individual. I endeavour to enable the children I support to communicate to their full potential. I believe that all children have the right to be listened to and be heard.

I have recently launched a communication group for toddlers targeted at families who are not sure whether their child needs therapy. See my website for further information.

I have been working as a Speech and Language Therapist since 2006.
I use play and activities of interest to engage your child and develop core communication skills. I will support you to continue these activities at home or school so that progress can be sustained over time.
I will work with you and your child to develop core skills such as anticipation, cause and effect, joint attention which are all pre-requisites to communication

I will support your child to understand what is expected of him/her by providing a clear structure and predictability within my sessions. I use symbol based Alternative and Augmentative Communication Systems (AAC) such as PECS, communication books and Grid 3 as well as spoken language in order to support understanding of language, expression and development of social skills.

I am a regional Makaton Tutor, this means I am qualified to run accredited Makaton training and I use Makaton when appropriate during therapy sessions.

I have run groups and provided individual sessions for children who stammer. I am Lidcombe trained and have attended extensive training at the Michael Palin Centre as well as co-running stammering therapy groups across 2 NHS trusts. I can offer cognitive behavioural therapy as well as direct therapy targeting fluency techniques.
I am able to support children with speech delay, disorder and verbal dyspraxia.

Your child is at the centre of my therapy planning. I make activities engaging and varied in order to teach and develop new skills in the most practical way possible.
I provide lots of suggestions to families and schools regarding how to keep up therapy practice and believe that Speech and Language Therapy is no different to learning any other skill, practice makes perfect.
I have worked across clinics, Special Schools, Mainstream Schools and nurseries with children aged from around 12 months to 18 years old. Please make contact if you would like to discuss your child or young adult and I will be pleased to help.

Conditions treated
  • AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)
  • Articulation and phonology
  • Attention related difficulties (ADD, ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum
  • Dyspraxia/Childhood Apraxia of speech
  • Early childhood language development
  • Language disorder
  • Learning disability
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Play skills
  • Stammering
  • Training for educational settings/schools/SEN staff
Age ranges treated
  • Newborn
  • Preschool
  • Primary School
  • Secondary school and adolescent

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