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Dr Juliette Corrin

Dr Juliette Corrin

Member since: 13/09/2018

Dear Parents, I offer a specialist practice that promotes the development of children’s early speech, language and communication skills in the first three years and help families with a broad range of concerns. For some children there might be an underlying physical, cognitive or social communication problem whilst others seem to be
‘late talkers’ for no obvious reason. Whatever the concern, the aim is to equip toddlers with the best possible communication skills, enabling them to enjoy successful social interaction and learning at home and Nursery. I’ve had a career in the NHS, and in university research and teaching, dedicated to early child development. Sessions take place in my Play Studio that offers a homely setting for therapy using carefully designed interactive techniques and video analysis in collaboration with parents as partners. Please do feel free to contact me for further information.

Conditions treated
  • Early childhood language development
Age ranges treated

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