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Ms Emily Alton

Ms Emily Alton

Member since: 08/07/2016
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Emily will be going on maternity leave at the end of August 2019 and will return to work in April 2020.

Emily is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who has extensive experience of working with children and young people aged 12 months to 16 years old across early years, primary schools, special schools and secondary educational settings. Emily specialises in early childhood language development, autism and complex needs. Emily predominantly works with pre-school and primary school aged children to develop their attention and listening, language, speech and social communication skills.

Emily is available to provide advice, initial assessments, EHCP reports and therapy via telephone consultation, in your home, or at your child’s educational or leisure setting. She is currently available on weekday evenings, and Fridays 9-5.

Emily is also available to provide training packages for nurseries, schools and leisure settings.

She is a Makaton Tutor and is trained in PECS, paediatric dysphagia management, Attention Autism, Colourful Semantics, Palin Parent Child Interaction Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and SCERTS.

Emily is currently offering assessments and Makaton training across London, but can only offer regular therapy sessions from April 2020.

last updated: 25.07.2019

Conditions treated
  • Autism spectrum
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Down's syndrome
  • Early childhood language development
  • Infant feeding
  • Language disorder
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Signing
  • Training
  • Training for educational settings/schools/SEN staff
Age ranges treated
  • Newborn
  • Preschool
  • Primary School

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