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Reply To: Writeupp alternative ?

Chris Platt

We’ve taken a different route altogether (just to throw a curve ball into the mix) and use Office 365. Notes are written in Word but then saved as PDF which creates a date stamp and effectively locks them. Yes in theory you can edit a PDF if you have the software so in that sense it’s less of a ‘lock’ to a therapy notes system, but the time / date of any edit would show in the record history / audit history so a ‘clean’ history demonstrates that the notes haven’t been tampered with.

It’s a bit more complex and we outsource the IT to another company, but it has advantages too as all our IT is within Office 365 – emails, reports, archiving, resources, videos, notes etc. Plus we can use the full functionality of Word (e.g. I voice dictate my notes), and we have an external (external to Microsoft) back-up of all our data should the worst happen e.g. massive take-out of global IT systems / cyber warfare etc. That might all be possible in the other systems too – so I’m not knocking them at all, but this is a system that works for us.