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Reply To: Help please! Child aged 2;10 with limited sounds

Rosemary Nicholson

Hi Beth,,

I would be happy to discuss this with you on the phone if that helped. I

I specialise in motor speech disorders and have huge success using PROMPT with children as young as 18 months. I have used loads of other techniques and approaches, and this is the one I always get the best results with.

Either he doesn’t have adequate muscle tone to coordinate phonatory control and jaw grading simultaneously. Or he is possibly reluctant to try and initiate phonatory control for communicative purposes? 

I am not sure I would jump to SM especially as he is so little and has a history of glue ear. 

I have worked with lots of children who were very silent in sessions and never spoke. After a couple of PROMPTs sessions even they started to attempt speech sounds and words. These are children that didn’t even babble. 

There is so much more information required to really begin to understand where the difficulties he is having originate from. 

Please let me if you want to speak about this. Sounds like a great client.