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Reply To: Help please! Child aged 2;10 with limited sounds

Laura Newman

Hi Beth

What an interesting little boy. Here are my thoughts on what might be missing, regarding emotional and social aspects.

I find his mum’s comments very interesting, that he ‘seems to stop himself’ when he goes to say a sound. From an attachment perspective I’m wondering what is happening in the relationship dynamic and what is his feeling of safety during those social exchanges. And this may not be to do with the people he is interacting with. It may be to do with an emotional coping strategy which resulted from an earlier traumatic experience.

Have you got a detailed account of his experiences from foetal, birth and any early incidences, which could have been potentially traumatic for him? How does he experience the world? Do you think he is particularly sensitive? Where is his attention going when he is left to himself?

Again from this perspective, I would consider his general behaviour and the underlying emotions driving it. Does he hold back in other areas, how do parents manage his behaviour? A good indicator for attachment issues is what is he like at mealtimes and bedtimes. 

Hope that helps. Looking forward to others comments, including potential oral facial myofunctional issues.