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Reply To: Safeguarding issue – family threatening legal action

Alexandra Cordery

Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. Children’s services asked the therapist to tell the family the referral had been made and she did. The family’s main issue is that they feel the wording and language used by the therapist exaggerates what actually happened – the therapist maintains the wording she used was an accurate reflection of what she saw. We are never going to agree on that with him!

We have a statement in our terms and conditions which said that in matters of child protection we would make a safeguarding referral if required, and we also have a Privacy Policy which refers to the caveat when Safeguarding is concerned – but we actually do not have a full Safeguarding Policy and I will be drawing one up as a priority in case this happens again.

I am about to send my response to him which essentially says that we stand by the referral, that it is in line with Safeguarding protocol and that the matter is closed from our perspective.