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Reply To: Safeguarding issue – family threatening legal action


Hi I’m so sorry this has happened to you and your team, it feels horrible and scary I’m sure. My husband works in A and E and is always calling for social services reviews , it gets families very upset. The only words of advice he gives his team is, to warn families before hand that you are going to do it, he uses a standard line which is along the lines of just to let you know that I have contacted social services, its not singling you out but its something I have to do by law on occasions like this, it’s standard procedure to keep everyone safe.

If the therapist didnt tell the family they were contacting social services it will have come as a shock to them. I imagine what the father is most upset about is his work being contacted and putting myself in his shoes I would be livid too. One assumes that he must do a job which involves vulnerable persons, if not, the father may well have an appropriate axe to grind with social services but not with you. If you have a copy of your safeguarding policy I would send a simple response saying thank you for your letter / call of the such and such date. We note its contents. Please find enclosed a copy of our safeguarding policy. Having reviewed the policy and the actions of therapists name, we believe that we acted appropriately as per our policy and now consider the matter closed. Yours sincerely.
Hold fast and strong – this will pass once he’s cooled down.
bw Mo