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Reply To: Educare safeguarding training through ASLTIP

Charmaine Tearle

Hi Kay

The form is under the member benefits archive but I have linked it here: https://asltip.com/members-area/benefits/educare-training-package/

From my understanding it’s not so much a tick box exercise for completing level 2 or level 3 but ensuring that you are meeting the HCPC standards as appropriate for your role. The standards that are most applicable here are number 1 (promote and protect the interests of service users and carers), 3 (work within the limits of your knowledge and skills) and 7 (report concerns about safety), The level 3 safeguarding course will give more in-depth information about being a designated officer but it is advised that you complete level 2 first.

I am sorry there isn’t more explicit guidance on this but as everyone’s individual circumstance is different, it’s an individual decision as to the amount of CPD you require.

HCPC have a webinar in September about identifying, acknowledging and responding appropriately to concerns about the safety and wellbeing of service users. The link is here: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/news-and-events/events/2022/safeguarding/

I welcome other people’s view on this and will be attending the webinar from HCPC myself so can feedback the response from them.

Best wishes