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Reply To: Recommendations for courses/reading for preschool/early primary language/ASD

Gillian Bolton

Hi Julia,

I would highly recommend having a look at VERVE Child Interaction Therapy – here are some links:




My background is paediatric, preschool and special needs, but I trained with Keena 3 years ago and have subsequently shifted to a fully VERVE way of working as it has proved incredibly rewarding, effective and enjoyable for parents, with clients of a range of ages and needs. I have used it with great results for children as young as two (many of my clients present with features of autism, some with a diagnosis) and also implemented it this year with parents and LSAs with primary age (and a few secondary) children with Downs Syndrome. It is also appropriate for children with fluency and speech issues and VERVE has been adequate to resolve these. For children with autism and DLD it is a great foundation for those that might also need AAC. It has been a really good move ‘business wise’ as well because the parent reviews have been so positive and this has driven up demand!

Best regards, Gillian