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Reply To: Capped fees & fees based on national guidance

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Chris Wade

I’ve been reading all these replies with interest! With what one education fair recently describing as a “international shortage of SLTs” and what feels like dwindling numbers in the U.K. I wonder how some commissioners (ie LAs) suddenly feel they have the power to dictate the maximum they will spend? I have had contracts via my current company for years with a range of LAs and haven’t come across a price ‘cap’ as of yet. Only this week I had 2 LAs accept a quote of £175 per hour for therapy online as they cannot find a SLT to work these particular children. I guess it’s a simple supply/demand situation where if a LA feels that there’s enough supply of SLT locally they will attempt to drive the hourly rate they pay down in the hope that someone will accept their terms (like a Dutch auction). As said above I do wonder whether the caps are taken from what U.K. insurance companies will pay but yes it’s misleading to put this on one’s website without clearly explaining which national cap is being referred to!