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Reply To: Are you doing video calls/telehealth via WriteUpp?

Sarah-Jane Lewis

I’ve tried Writeupp’s video conferencing too. Seems very simple to use in terms of setting up calls, starting them, creating an automated message with the link etc. 
It worked perfectly when I ‘called myself’ on another device with different email etc. 
BUT exactly the same thing that you experienced happened to me in my first clinical session!! We resorted to MS Teams. Luckily he works in software so enjoys being my Guinea pig with this stuff. 
I used zoom previously, then switched to MS Teams a month ago (as it’s free). Both do the job well although I still find zoom more user friendly. 
I’ll ask writeupp what’s going on as I really don’t think it’s a connection issue. My only other gripe is that you can’t drop in and out of a writeupp meeting – if you end it once e.g. to see if that resolves any technical issues, then it considers the session finished permanently. 
Would love other peoples opinions!