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Reply To: EHCP advice – should I provide a report?

Ruth Lo

Have the parents got an appeal lodged now (you cannot appeal an amended draft only a final EHCP)? If not in my opinion this is the way forward. They are clearly not getting anywhere liaising with the LA. It is very common for special schools not to be allocated as there are just not enough places to go round, but if the evidence is there than the tribunal can ensure that a place is found. I’m terms of your report, you need to identify whether you are writing a report as a professional witness or an expert one. An expert one is independent and does not usually work directly with the child outside of the specific assessment. Both will be considered by the tribunal panel but the roles are slightly different. The parents may also want to seek some legal support (legal aid, sossen, Ipsea or a specialist lawyer)? They will help to guide them as to what further evidence, if any, may be needed, Ruth