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Reply To: Are you doing video calls/telehealth via WriteUpp?

Gillian Bolton

Thanks Deb!

I attended an AR mtg last week, via video call, as I could not get there in person, and the school hosted on Google Meet. I managed to join the mtg and participate but not use my camera. I went through all the background steps in advance of the mtg of ‘allow Google meet to access your camera/mic’, making sure it showed the camera was on, making sure my camera was switched on, going into my Settings and checking that for the GM app my settings showed ‘allow’ for camera and mic and still nothing. Grateful if anyone knows how to resolve this. I never have a problem on Zoom (use it every week for telehealth calls) or when joining mtgs hosted by others on Teams but on W/Upp and G Meet my camera doesn’t seem to function.