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Reply To: Local authority assurance monitoring visit

Jan Baerselman

Hi both – I’ve had the same request. I guess as long as we can provide evidence of what we are doing to keep children safe, data safe & share child protection information when things go wrong, that’s the relevant stuff for us. For people who have clinics & centres with multiple children/young people attending at once then much more of it is relevant (maybe like Speaking Spaces). I imagine the first visit will be more of an exploratory one. So my plan is to welcome them in, show them what I’ve got, listen to their suggestions as to what new documentation they need, for us to remain a provider. Maybe we can ask them for templates or examples etc to get it in place – it’s in their interests to support us.

After the visits, when we know what we need, maybe the Hampshire ASLTIP local group could meet and each of us do one necessary document to share with the rest of the group?