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Reply To: CPD

Rachel Barton

Hi Michelle,
This is from the RCSLT website at https://www.rcslt.org/members/lifelong-learning/#section-3 :

“RCSLT CPD guidelines
RCSLT has an outcomes approach to CPD which requires members to maintain records of their learning impact on day-to-day practice and record their learning activity.

The RCSLT CPD scheme (introduced in 2006) provides the mechanism for maintaining HCPC registration and RCSLT certification at the same time.

Individual members are responsible for their own professional development, but RCSLT has a role to play in providing support and resources that will reduce paperwork and time spent on recording CPD.

The RCSLT provides members with an online CPD diary to record completed CPD.

Amount of CPD
Undertake a minimum of 30 hours’ CPD per year
Type of CPD
Undertake a mixture of CPD activities (work-based, formal, self-directed, professional activity)
Record of CPD
Maintain an up-to-date record of CPD activities
Reflective account
Maintain an up-to-date record of the outcome of impact of CPD learning (impact on practice)
Guidelines 2, 3 and 4 mirror HCPC standards. Guideline 1 is RCSLT’s guideline on the minimum amount of CPD required.

Part-time workers working 5 sessions or less: 15 hours per year (50%)

Maternity leave
<6 months: 10 hours per year (33% of full requirement)
6-12 months: 15 hours per year (50% of full requirement)
Extended leave/sabbaticals of more than 12 months: 20 hrs (66%) spread over 3 years by special arrangement

Those undertaking post-graduate diplomas, degrees and research will also be able to claim exemption from guideline 2 within a specified period.

They can enter the start date on their online diary, which will then be flagged if they are selected for audit.

There may be other exemptions, agreed on an individual basis.

CPD hours approximate guide
Hours per week CPD hours per year
37 30.00
36 29.19
35 28.38
34 27.57
33 26.76
32 25.95
31 25.14
30 24.32
29 23.51
28 22.70
27 21.89
26 21.08
25 20.27
24 19.46
23 18.65
22 17.84
21 17.03
20 16.22
19 15.41
Below 19 hours per week is minimum of 15 hours of CPD

Joint principles for CPD and lifelong learning
It is also recommended that you take a look at the 2019 Joint Principles for CPD and lifelong learning to find out more about these principles and how they benefit you, your employer and the wider systems.”

However I agree with Amanda that 30 hours is not much in reality, particularly if that includes supervision. I’m of the opinion that being part time shouldn’t mean we are half as clinically informed or up to date so I would encourage colleagues to see the guidelines as a bare minimum and then work out what CPD is really necessary to fulfill their specific role to the highest standard and plan accordingly. There is so much free CPD we can do these days that cost should not be a prohibitive factor.

I hope that’s helpful,
Best wishes,