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Reply To: Request from Barrister

Lesley Trivedi

Thanks for all your advice and sorry for my delayed reply (for some reason I didn’t receive any forum digests for a few days and didn’t realise there had been any responses until I checked on the website).   Just to update – the mum emailed back a couple of days later to say that the barrister thought all would be resolved by negotiation with the LA rather than having to go to tribunal, but she completely understood that this type of work is not my ‘preferred field’, and she would let the barrister know that I would prefer not to contribute to the revised EHCP.  I have since had a very positive phone call with mum and they are very happy with my input.  On reflection (and had I seen your advice earlier) I may have been more prepared to produce something, and agree direct contact with the barrister would have been useful, but I was rattled by the short notice and the fact that the parents had not thought it necessary to tell me that they were looking to have the EHCP revised at this point (it is only half way through his annual review cycle).   One to put down for experience and CPD.  Thanks again for all your responses, best wishes, Lesley