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Reply To: 1:1 Zoom sessions ending at 40 minutes

Patricia Ruth Howes

Hi, I’m using Zoom Pro but have been looking at alternatives. As my internet can be variable I’ve even looked at bandwidth comparisons. (Skype is the lowest bandwidththen Teams and Zoom was a little higher)

The videoconferencing on the practicemanagement systems don’t have great bandwidth but an intergrated package might work well for someone with better internet than me.

I have Skype and don’t use it – why? I don’t know!!No one says anything positive yet colleagues in US use it a lot. Is anyone using Skype and feels positive about it then let me know!

A few months ago a colleague on Forum said they found StarLeaf good for occasional conferincing.

So, I’m about to try Teams paid subscription with free a try-out month. It says it prioritises audio signal AND I think families can upload videos (I’m using Drop Box subscription for that and families report it is complicated and it is expensive). It is a similar price to Zoom for the subscription I need with appointment option etc.