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Reply To: Request from Barrister

Anais Nassar

Hi Lesley,
If you haven’t done any medico legal work , it can be daunting to get such a request and at such short notice.

My guess is that the barrister wants a progress report not necessarily in a medico-legal format. I personally would have asked the family to tell the barrister to contact me directly which is what I would advise you to do as you need to know what is exactly required and who will pay you for your time. One professional to another if you like.

Having had training in medico legal work , in my opinion all you can do is to write your professional discharge/ progress report like you would have done for any other situation and say so in the report.

As for recommendations, you can say something along the lines of , “In my professional opinion, X would benefit from……..” rather than be too prescriptive. Bear in mind that you are the professional and your opinion is based on that short period of time ( 2 terms).

Let’s see what other colleagues can say regarding this situation. I support your request to seek opinion from others.

Anais Nassar