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Reply To: Autism based in trauma ?

Liz Wood

I’ve had chat with a few other therapists. The general consensus from psychodynamic counsellors I’ve spoken with  in other schools that work in a  different way and only see asd children  experiencing trauma or anxiety in additions to asd  ,  was that the approach the counsellor is taking is ‘ very bold’ in a mainstream setting.  They have advised that as the psychodynamic  approach is so intensive and takes so long/ goes back so far   that a lot of therapists have  adapted their practice and are now moving away from psychodynamic in mainstream schools . The sharing of perspectives has happened when we met  to try and understand  each other’s roles and what interventions we have put in place , as mine are systematically been undermined by the counsellor . I have suggested we meet to look at any crossover of caseloads so we can have a clear idea of our involvement and see  potential for collaborative working  , but this has been perceived as me trying to push a speech  therapy agenda.  it’s a tricky situation , I suspect my asking for her entry criteria and what is  done in sessions  / interventions being completed  has led to her feeling attacked and defences have gone up.  Hopefully we can have a more reasoned discussion int the future .