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Reply To: Using Writeupp, attachments, SMS bundles and Ts&Cs

Clare Whitehouse

Ah, thank you so much for your help and advice with this! It’s really appreciated, and very useful (and comforting) to hear how the packages are working for you.

I have become so used to the NHS way of working, the databases, waiting lists and the way they kept casenotes, as well as having the financial aspect of our work being dealt with by ‘payroll’ – it’s a completely new and exciting (and slightly daunting) working life I’m entering here!

I’ve yet to tinker around with Quickfile (I’d heard some good things about it) but haven’t had any invoices to do yet, or any money coming in…until next week. I think I will stick to the one package for invoices and the rest of my finances, but am now going to look at Writeupp for the Ts&Cs recommendation through the privacy form creator, as you suggested, Charlotte.

Just another quick Writeupp question – do you use the ‘SLT case history’ form at all when doing your IAs? I already have my own, but was thinking that I may try and create it on Writeupp to make life easier and, again, keep it all in one place.

Thanks again for your help 🙂